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What is considered high miles on a truck?

You’ve likely heard the horror stories of someone finding a used truck for sale only to have it break down within a few months. Perhaps you’ve even had this happen yourself or to a friend.

The truth is that most of the time, the amount of mileage on a truck heavily affects the amount of life left in it. With this being said, you may be curious what high mileage would look like for a truck. If this is the case, we at USA-1’s Elkhart used car dealer would like to inform you. Thus, we’ve crafted a list below that details what you should consider high mileage when browsing trucks, along with other factors that affect a truck’s lifespan. 


1. Average Lifespan Of A Truck

Unlike most cars sold at USA-1’s Elkhart used car dealer or any other dealership, trucks can easily make it to 100,000 miles, given their reliable and durable designs. In fact, most used trucks near you can last up to 200,000 miles with the proper TLC. Because of their ability to outlast other cars, trucks also typically hold their value much better than other vehicles.


2. Lifespan Depends On Manufacturer

 As mentioned above, most used trucks for sale will last quite a long time if given the proper care. You should note, however, that the lifespan of a truck also depends on the truck manufacturer. For example, some Ram and Toyota trucks are known for lasting up to 300,000 miles. Therefore, you should always do some research on reliability ratings and average lifespans when searching for used trucks for sale.


3. Regular Maintenance Extends A Truck’s Life

Upon visiting USA-1’s Elkhart used car dealer, you are sure to notice that all of our trucks are well-maintained and clean. Truthfully, this isn’t just for appearances. Proper maintenance helps to exponentially increase the odds that a truck will last you a long time. If you would like to learn more about the most common maintenance services for extending a truck’s life, you can browse the bullet points below:


  • Check and change the fluids

  • Inspect tire pressure and tread

  • Rotate tires periodically

  • Check brakes and suspension

  • Keep a clean vehicle


4. Inspect High Mileage Trucks

Despite the fact that most car dealerships in Elkhart, IN, and everywhere else maintain their trucks, you should still always inspect them before deciding, especially if they have high mileage. After all, there could be something that a dealership missed. When inspecting used trucks for sale near you, you should ideally look at the following:


  • Exterior and undercarriage rust/damage

  • Interior damage

  • Worn suspension or brakes


5. Test Drive

Aside from inspecting a vehicle, the most important factor in helping you to decide on the right truck for you will be the test drive. During a test drive, you will be able to get an understanding of how a truck feels on the road and whether or not you are comfortable driving it. Ideally, you should test drive every truck that interests you, comparing each test drive experience to determine the best-suited truck for you. Below, you can find some information on what to observe during a test drive:


  • Acceleration/Braking Responsiveness

  • Handling

  • Visibility

  • Safety Features

  • Steering

  • Cabin Comfortability


6. Vehicle History Report

After test driving some trucks at our Elkhart dealership or any other reputable dealership, you may have decided on the right truck for you. Before closing the deal on this truck, you should always first be given the specific truck’s history report. This history report is incredibly important, especially with high mileage trucks, since it details how a truck was previously maintained. In addition, it also indicates any past incidents or accidents in which the truck may have been involved. Thus, the history report can be a good indicator of how much life is left in a truck.