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How long should you finance a used car?

Whether you are looking at Goshen used cars or cars anywhere else, financing a car is a big deal. For that reason, you should always ensure that you are well informed before making a final decision.

Before you decide to finance a vehicle, having a grasp on the terms associated with auto loans is one of the most important steps you can take in getting informed. When it comes to loan terms, the length of the loan is essential in determining how much you will end up paying for a vehicle. Thus, to help describe what you should look for when it comes to the length of a loan, we at USA-1’s used car dealer near Goshen, IN, have compiled a detailed list below.


1. Most Common Car Loan Terms

The first thing you should understand regarding the term of a loan is the most common lengths associated with loans. The most common terms for a car loan can be seen in the bullet list below:


  • 24 Months

  • 36 Months

  • 48 Months

  • 60 Months

  • 72 Months

  • 84 Months

  • 96 Months


On average, most people shopping for Goshen used cars or cars anywhere else opt for a 72-month loan term.


2. More Time Means More Interest

Something important you should note when utilizing a loan for a Goshen used car, or a car anywhere for that matter, is that longer loan terms mean that you will pay more in interest. For this reason, if you are considering your options when it comes to terms for a used car for sale, you shouldn’t let the lower minimum payments of a long-term loan fool you, as you will end up paying much more. In addition, many car dealerships in Goshen, Indiana, and elsewhere increase interest rates after a loan has been stretched for more than 60 months.


3. Less Time Means Higher Payments

As you can see above, if you were to choose a long-term loan when financing a car at a used car dealer near Goshen, IN, or anywhere else, you would end up paying a significant amount more than the value of the vehicle itself. With this being said, the complete opposite applies to getting a short-term loan. In fact, you will end up paying an exponentially lower amount for a car with a short-term loan compared to a long-term one.


4. Find Something That Works With Your Budget

Despite all of this talk about short and long-term loans, you should still always focus on finding something that works for your budget while shopping with USA-1’s used car dealer near Goshen, IN, or anywhere else. Ideally, however, you should strive to find the shortest loan term that works for you with the lowest possible interest rate. You should note, however, that loan services for bad credit, like buy here pay here, inherently have higher interest rates than normal.


5. Compare The Life Of The Vehicle Against The Length Of The Loan

The final thing you should consider when shopping loan terms with USA-1’s buy here pay here near Goshen, IN, or anywhere else, is the lifespan of whichever vehicle you choose. After all, you don’t want to continue paying an auto loan after a vehicle has hit its expiration date. Thus, you should always compare the length of a loan with the amount of life left in a vehicle. Good indicators of how much life is left in a vehicle are things such as the mileage, the history report, and the reliability ratings of the model you desire. For example, if a vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it, it is likely that it won’t last you very long, so you shouldn’t agree to any long-term loans in that case.