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Elkhart Dealerships

Do you want to find Elkhart dealerships, where you can purchase a vehicle even if you have bad credit? If so, come by and see us here at USA 1. When you need to buy a car, and you dont have many places to turn, having a dealership like ours is essential for you. It gives you the opportunity you would not have otherwise, to be able to buy a quality used car with a bad credit score. We here at USA 1 are happy to be able to help individuals like you who want or need to purchase a vehicle. If you are not concerned with your credit and want to be able to make a payment based on your pay schedule with your employer, then, by all means, come by and see us.

If you have gone to other car dealerships in Elkhart in, and could not get approved for a loan because of credit issues, then we are here to put your mind at ease. Come by and speak with us so that we can help get you into the car you have wanted no matter what your credit history reveals. You can get an auto loan today, and you will discover that the financing is stress-free and straightforward, and what's even better is that you can make your payments at the dealership. Just because you have credit issues present or past doesn't mean you should not be able to purchase a car that you want or need. You want to find the right dealership who understands your current situation, and that is willing to help you in every way, and that is what we do here at USA 1. We care about you as our customer and we would like nothing more than to see you happy and to drive home in a car that you want.

When you find a car, or several that you like, our sales staff will go over all of our buy here pay here loan rates and policy with you. If you want a car that is reliable, affordable and has the features you desire we can make it happen here at USA 1. Dont waste another moment worrying about how you are going to get a car, especially by repeating the same rejection you get from other car dealerships in Elkhart indiana who base everything on your credit score. If you happen to be on a budget or have a certain amount you can spend each month on a car payment, you have to shop wisely to ensure that you find a car that has what you want and a payment which you can afford. Here at USA 1, we will help you in finding the best car for you.

Our staff is here to make this experience a painless one for you because they understand that you may be anxious about your credit and being able to buy a car. Here at USA 1 we want to see that you find a vehicle you love and get the loan you deserve and drive away a happy customer. We look forward to your visit!

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