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6 Used Car Maintenance Tips Before You Buy A Used Car Near Goshen, IN

Tips for buying a used car in Goshen, IN


6 Used Car Maintenance Tips Before You Buy A Used Car Near Goshen, IN


In the past twenty years, vehicles have been manufactured with much more quality than previous decades. For this reason, used cars are becoming very popular among most households. Though these cars are quality-built, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain them. If you want to ensure that you get the most life out of your used car, there are a few simple maintenance tips to which you should adhere. If you are searching for used cars in Goshen, IN, some maintenance knowledge will help to best prepare you for your future vehicle. As a certified Goshen car dealer, we at USA-1 Auto Sales have provided a list below of six used car maintenance tips. If you are interested in finding a dealership with a quality inventory that offers buy here, pay here near Goshen, IN, USA-1 is here to help. At USA-1, we care about the health of used vehicles, so before you visit us, take a look at the list below for some helpful maintenance tips.

1. Maintain Braking And Steering Systems

As a certified used car dealer in Goshen, IN, we at USA-1 want you to get the most life out of your used vehicle. Your tires and steering are some of the most important components in your car when it comes to handling and the life of your car. To ensure optimal handling, you will need to check your braking and steering systems periodically. Inspecting your brakes means ensuring that your brake pads aren’t worn. You should also make sure that your brake fluid levels are normal and not leaking. Leaking brake fluid typically calls for immediate repair. Aside from your brakes, your steering system is essential to maintain for handling. Steering and suspension issues not only cause handling problems, but they can also rapidly wear your tires. With this being said, you should always assure that your steering fluid levels are good and, it is always wise to have your suspension annually checked by a professional.

2. Regularly Check And Change Fluids

Before visiting a Goshen car dealer to find your first car, it is wise to get acquainted with the process of checking and changing the fluids in an engine. Within a vehicle, there are a few different fluids to maintain. These fluids include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. These fluids can be checked using a dipstick that indicates the fluid level and quality based on fluid color. If you see dark-colored fluids, that is generally a sign it’s time for a replacement. If you don’t replace your fluids, they will lose their lubricating properties over time, resulting in significant engine issues.

3. Assess Your Tires Periodically

When you find a used car for sale, it will typically have new tires installed. Despite this fact, it is still a good rule to check the tires when you’re shopping at a Goshen car dealer. Sometimes, used vehicles will sit in a car lot for a while, which can take a toll on a car’s tires, even new ones. Periodically checking your tires can prevent accidents, and having your tires rotated helps to ensure balance and longevity from your tires.

4. Check Engine Belts After 100,000 Miles

Some Goshen used cars will have racked up quite a few miles from the previous owners. This can take a toll on the engine and the components within it. Therefore, it’s always good to check a vehicle’s engine belts after 100,000 miles.

5. Keep Your Car Clean

If you pass by us to view our used cars near Goshen, IN, you will notice that our inventory is sparkling. We keep our vehicles clean because it prevents rust and body damage. If you want to avoid damage to your car, it is best to clean your car whenever necessary.

6. Adhere To Annual Maintenance And Servicing Schedules

Once you find a used car near Goshen, IN, you should look at the owner’s manual to get an idea of the required annual maintenance and servicing schedule. If you adhere to the manual, you will ensure that your vehicle lives a long life. Having your car periodically serviced will also help bring any issues to your attention before they become major problems.

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